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What is the Ideal Bean Bag for Pet Owners?

26 October 2018

When you are a pet owner in search of bean bag furniture, you should find the best type for your house. After all, pets can be rough on furniture if you get the wrong kind. This holds true whether you are buying the bean bag items just for the pet to use or if they will also be for your use. We are here to guide you in your choice of fabrics and other characteristics for bean bags when you own a dog, cat or other pet.

Bean Bags Should Be Low to the Ground for Easy Pet Access

If the bean bag is for a pet’s bed, it should be low to the ground. This will allow both cats and dogs to access it easily along with other possible animals that you may have for pets.

You Need to Select the Right Fabrics for Your Bean Bag Furniture When You Own Pets

On top of being low to the ground, your bean bags need to be out of the right fabrics for ease of maintenance and durability. We provide the following fabrics for your consideration.

• Marine vinyl is waterproof and resists stains from dirty paws or urine. Also, it is easy to clean, even when it comes to hair removal. Other outdoor-rated fabrics also can offer these benefits.

• Heavy-duty nylon fabrics are chew-resistant but not chew-proof and resist pet stains in an effective fashion

• Faux leathers are not waterproof or highly durable with destructive pets. When your pet is completely house trained or gentle in nature, you can consider these fabrics for bean bag furniture, otherwise, choose another type of fabric.

*Note: With any fabric, it is advisable to keep your pet’s claws trimmed and groomed.*

The Seams and Zippers of the Bean Bag Furniture Should Be Strong and Durable

On top of selecting the right style and fabric for the bean bags, you must buy ones that have strong, durable seams and zippers. Failure to do so will lead to holes and a loss of beans from the inside. Also, since you live in Australia, it would be ideal if the zippers and bean bags were made in this country. We say this since it is better to support local businesses than those abroad.

For further details about what makes for an ideal bean bag for pet owners, consult with Beyond Compare Furniture. We offer a wide assortment of bean bag furniture, including customised pieces. All of our workmanship and fabric choices are high quality, attractive and durable. Also, we are locally based, so we understand what Australians expect in their bean bag and other furniture.

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