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Top Five Tips to Determine the Best Daybed for You

22 June 2018

A daybed is a highly versatile furniture piece that many homeowners turn to for furnishing a guest bedroom, sunroom or other part of their house in a functional and useful fashion. If you are in search for one of these daybeds at present, you may find it difficult to select the right one for your needs since there is such a large selection of them available today. You even can have one custom made for you. To help you make your final decision, we offer you the following top five tips for determining the best daybed for you.

Consider Who Will Be Using the Daybed 

The first consideration with a daybed is who will be using it. After all, the answer to this may influence the results of the rest of these tips. For example, the height of the daybed might be a factor if it is for children to use rather than adults.

Choose the Style That Complements Your House the Best

While you may need a traditional or modern style of daybed that includes a frame and regular mattress, there are fun versions of this type of bed that come in bean bag form. You can buy both single and double versions of the latter. The double version holds two children or normal sized adults.

Decide on the Materials That the Daybed Should Contain

You may want marine vinyl for a bean bag daybed but wood or metal for the frame of a traditional or modern style one. The first style comes ready-made and the latter two styles are customisable to your preferences.

Dimensions of the Daybed Might Be another Consideration

The length, width and height of a daybed are other decisions you will need to make when purchasing the ideal one for your purposes. Children will require one that is lower to the floor than an adult will, and those with mobility issues may need a specific height to sit on and rise from the daybed easily.

Select the Finish and Colour That Meet Your Needs Appropriately

The last choice you will need to make is the finish and colour of the framework when it is a standard daybed. When it is a bean bag one, you will need to choose the colour of the marine vinyl or the pattern and colour if it is a fabric one in place of the vinyl style.

For additional information about these top five tips to determine the best daybed for you, consult with Beyond Compare Furniture. We specialise in offering high-quality bean bags and custom soft furnishings to domestic and commercial property owners for a variety of uses.

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