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Top 5 Tips to Determine the Best Furniture Design for your Home

17 July 2015

Whether you need furniture for the living room, family room, bedroom, or other room in the house, you want it to fit your personality and lifestyle. The task of determining the best furniture designs for a house often is an overwhelming one. We are here to provide you with five top tips to make the entire process less stressful.

1. Measure the Room

Before shopping for furniture, you must measure the room to ensure that the furniture pieces that you select will fit into the space in the right manner. Measure the width and length of the room to learn the total floor space that is available in which to arrange the furniture. Will large pieces work, or will you need to limit the size of the furniture?

2. Decide on Furniture Placement

Where will the pieces go in the room? Will the couch be in front of the window, for example? Picturing the placement lets you know if there are any gaps in space that will require attention. An extra stool or two may be necessary.

3. Consider the Function of the Room

What function does the room serve in your house? Is it the dining room, family room, or formal living room? In the dining room, you must have a table and chairs to enjoy the daily meals. A family room should have durable, but comfortable furniture in it, whereas, a formal living room will require a more classic look with ornate fabrics. Bedroom furniture often is elegant yet functional.

4. The Style of Furniture That Appeals to You

Know which style of furniture appeals to you. Traditional is elegant and ideal for formal settings. Fabrics include brocades. Casual style is a bit eclectic in nature and can contain bright colours, animal prints and other patterns. These are just two examples of the styles you can find today.

5. Which Colours, Fabrics, or Finishes Will Complement Your Room?

Colour choice is a personal preference many times, but if you have kids and the furniture is for the family room, you may want deeper shades in place of light colours. Fabrics such as 100% cotton are highly durable and suitable for most uses, but a cotton/silk blend may be better just in the formal living room, or master bedroom rather than the family room. There is nothing as attractive as wood finishes no matter whether they are light or dark tones. Stains allow the grain of hardwoods to show through, which adds ambiance to any piece of furniture. The final decision is yours.

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