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Tips on Choosing the Right Type of Fabric for Your Chaise Lounge

29 June 2015

Chaise lounges are not only classy, they are comfortable, stylish, and one of the most used pieces of furniture across the world. With its origins in the Great Egyptian Empire, today chaise lounges can be found across different furniture styles, and used in all types of buildings.

While chase lounges’ origins lay in Egypt, the French after their revolution took this soft furnishing to new levels of style and class. Its popularity soared with its wide range of different usage that it serves in modern homes, especially now in Australia. If you are also looking to include this wonderful furniture in your home to add some unique beauty, then here are some of the ideas for using chaise lounges that can help add statement, indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor Chaise Lounges

With a beautiful reclining design and custom re-upholstery, you can use any of the old or new chaise lounges either outside on the patio or a terrace garden. Such lounges are ideal to create a special place for reading a book, or relaxing under the sun sipping your favourite beverage. Nowadays, there are many amazing modern and even futuristic designs that can complement any patio, but it usually comes down to the choice of material for both frame and upholstery that makes chaise lounges so versatile.

Although the choices of upholstery and frames are many, you’ll need to make sure these are weather resistant for outdoor use. For example, wrought iron frames with loose covers is water-resistant material and it’s great for outdoor chaise lounges.

Indoor Chaise Lounges

The choices of indoor chaise lounges are truly limitless. From bedroom to living room, you can get any design for custom-made furniture in chaise lounges. Whether it’s a Greek touch of signature wood or French upholstery, the decorating services choices are many. However, the most important decision here is to work with the design that goes with your room’s existing aesthetics, and there are some really good leather or faux-leather options available that go with the now popular classic look. And, if you desire a more contemporary and relaxed feel, you can also go for onsite fit-outs with sewn or loose pillows.

Trusted Destination

Custom designs and re-upholstery for chaise lounges is a delicate task. It requires craftsmanship and an understanding of class. Beyond Compare can offer these options to you, and they can even arrange for free local delivery and pickup. This way, you do not have to pay anything extra, other than the piece of furniture you want.

Beyond Compare makes the whole process of getting custom-made chaise lounges easier, because you can visit the website for free online quotes.

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