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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Cushions

02 December 2019

In a typical setup, the indoor spaces are enough to house different sections of your home. Your house may have a spacious living room where your kids can sit or play. You may also have bedrooms where your family gets to relax and sleep. Perhaps, your kitchen may fixtures and appliances that cater to the food needs of your households.

All of these indoor spaces provide separate functions for every member of our families. But one area that can attract our entire family to always visit it is our outdoor spaces. You see, outdoor spaces provide some things that aren’t usually found inside of our homes. One, the natural ambience outside can give us a sense of connecting with nature and even our neighbourhood. Also, you get the feeling of maximising the total space of your outdoor area without wasting any space.

Outdoor spaces are utilised by placing patios, backyards, and other furniture that can go well to the design of your entire house. To make everything more enjoyable, outdoor cushions are added to existing chairs, sofas, benches, and others. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor cushions for your outdoor furniture, then consider looking for the following things first.

Cushion Fabric Material

The very first thing that matters when choosing outdoor cushion is the cushion material. Some properties of a specific material may have the edge over other materials, but lacks what other materials possess. So, this factor ultimately relies on your final verdict about certain fabric materials.

When it comes to longevity and durability, sunbrella fabric may be the best option for you. Vinyl has water resistance but isn’t comfortable for some people. Cotton canvas is durable but does not offer waterproofing options. Textilene may have water resistance option but it can get hot under direct sunlight. Olefin can be strong, resistant to fading, water, and mould, but costs more compared to other materials.

Type of Foam or Fill

A cushion is not complete without its filling. This filling makes your cushion plump up and soft to sit on. Just like the fabric material, each of the filling options has its own unique characteristics.

You get to choose from compressed polyester, polyester fibrefill, polyurethane foam, open cell foam, closed cell foam, and beanbag fill.

Weather Situation

Your familiarity with the weather of your location can help you find out the best outdoor cushion for your home. Maybe your house is in a region where rainfall occurs all the time. Or, the sun always shines the brightest on your place. Breaking down the weather pattern in your area can help you pick the right outdoor cushions for you. If you want to weather-proof your cushions, then buy a cushion with waterproofing abilities.


This factor depends on your resilience in maintaining your cushions. Since some cushions tend to get dirty and dusty real quick, you are required to vacuum these things more frequently than other cushion options. The material of your cushions can directly affect your maintenance and cleaning routine.

Use Duration

Even if most outdoor cushions are made to withstand the effects of the surroundings, some homeowners want to bring them in for protection. If you intend to place your cushions outside regularly, you may want to purchase cushions that are made of sturdy materials.

Budget Limitation

Perhaps the most common factor that almost everyone considers when shopping for things. You have to check if the price of your chosen outdoor cushions fits the budget that you have allocated for buying them. To make things easier, you may want to list multiple options for your outdoor cushions so that you can narrow them down later on.

Knowing these things can help you decide which among the outdoor cushion choices you are willing to purchase for. If you want to have the best outdoor cushion in the market, contact us now at Beyond Compare Furniture. We can help you find the best cushion for your outdoor needs.

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