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Therapeutic Applications and Benefits of Bean Bags

06 March 2020

Bean bags are not only considered as a fun and innovative furniture. In fact, they are proven to work very well for therapeutic reasons. Studies have shown that bean bags help people feel more relaxed and open to treatment for many medical conditions. Initially, bean bags offered a fun and colourful addition to doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and schools. Overtime, medical practitioners and teachers caught on to the potential of bean bags as occupational therapy tools.

Patients are more likely to engage and make progress if they feel safe and comfortable. Offering a specialised approach, bean bags provide patients and special needs individuals with a comfortable and welcoming environment. Below are other therapeutic applications and benefits of bean bags.

Bean Bags are Useful in Therapy Sessions

Alongside doctors and teachers, therapists also began using bean bags in their offices. Soon, professionals across multiple industries incorporated bean bags into their practices. For a long time, bean bags were customised and adapted to provide various furnishing options. Today, as demand grows, manufacturers are creating occupational therapy bean bags that also fulfil specialised needs.

Bean Bags Make Patients Comfortable

Generally, an individual undergoing occupational therapy will also require some form of psychological therapy. For the longest time, occupational therapists and clinical psychologists relied on cushioned chairs and sofas to make their patients comfortable.

Bean Bags Make Patients More Relaxed and Open

The mind plays a major role in helping people recover their motor skills and proper therapy can help them adapt to daily life. Clinical psychologists have found that patients tend to be more open and relaxed in bean bag chairs.

Bean Bags Make Patients More Cooperative

Occupational therapists have also found the correlation between bean bags and more cooperative and willing patients. Fortunately, just about any bean bag can be used as a therapeutic bean bag chair.

Bean Bags can Withstand Extreme Pressure and Stress

As long as you have a tough bean bag, you can use it anywhere, for whatever purpose you need. In occupational therapy, there are all sorts of patients with special, and often unpredictable, needs. Good quality bean bags are tough and resistant to all intended and unintended attempts at spoiling it. Durable bean bags are especially important when working with special needs children. For example, an agitated child might bite the bean bag in the middle of a temper tantrum or anxiety attack. For the safety of the child, it is necessary for the bag to be able to withstand extreme pressure and stress.

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