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The History of Bean Bags: How It All Started

11 September 2018

Bean bags date by to ancient Egypt, where they were used to play recreational activities. The Egyptian would fill small pouches of leather or cloth with dried beans or small stones. Over the centuries, the bean bag has remained a game piece, especially with the Bean Bag Toss game, but it also was transformed into a furniture form during the 1960s. Since this furniture is so highly popular today, the rest of our history of bean bags will concentrate on how the various pieces of this furniture began and progressed throughout the years and up to present day.

1965 Sees the Birth of the Sea Urchin Chair

In 1965, Roger Dean designed one of the first soft-style chairs, and it was in the shape of a sea urchin. Unlike the bean bag chairs, though, it was filled with foam in order for it to give as people sat on it.

Italian Designers Create the Sacco Chair in 1969

The forerunner of the bean bag chair that is still popular today was the Sacco, which was designed by Zanotta Design in 1969 in Italy. Designers from this company were trying to design a chair that would be marketable to the hippie generation. What resulted was a pear-shaped leather sack that was filled with thermocol pellets. Later, shredded polyurethane foam replaced these pellets. Sacco chairs were practical, stylish and ideal for the 1960s’ lifestyle.

Bean Bag Chairs Were Mass Marketed During the 1970s

During the 1970s, bean bag chairs were mass produced in factories in various parts of the world. People could buy them at their local department stores. These chairs were of durable leather much like the Saccos were, but they contained thick Styrofoam pellets for a filling material.

The 1990s Brought New Changes for the Bean Bag Furniture

During the 1980s, the popularity of the bean bag chairs decreased since many other styles of furniture were on the market. However, during the 1990s, the bean bag chairs once again were in demand by consumers. Also, a wider assortment of sizes, shapes and materials were available in the bean bag chairs. Designers of this furniture item also created bean bag sofas, beds and other pieces to add with the chairs. On top of all of this, new regulations went into effect that mandated the use of childproof zippers in all bean bag furniture items after some injuries had occurred with children inhaling the pellets.

Modern Day Bean Bag Furnishings Are Innovative and in Demand

Now, we are up to current times where bean bag furnishings include such materials as quality marine vinyl and fabrics along with Styrofoam pellets and durable Australian zippers, at least, when you purchase them from our company, Beyond Compare Furniture. We specialise in offering you innovative styles of eye-catching, unique, durable bean bag furnishings.

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