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The Beauty of Bean Bags in the Interior Design for a Contemporary Home

17 July 2019

Today’s contemporary homes are all about comfort, relaxation, and a pleasant ambiance. Gone is the day of ostentatious formal interiors with this style. The chairs, daybeds, and lounges need to be soft but easy to care for to ensure that life is enjoyable inside these houses. There is nothing that accomplishes this as ideally as bean bags in the various shapes, styles and materials. Not only does their beauty enhance any interior design in a unique fashion, but it also is what present-day contemporary house style is all about. We know all about bean bags here at Beyond Compare Furniture and share our knowledge of them in the following.

Attractive Colours and Patterns Are Available

The colours of our bean bags include neutrals such as Frost or white, Sand, Toast and Dove or medium gray. Vivid shades also are available in Chilli or red, Troppo or hot pink, Citrus or orange, Indigo or a rich blue, Mint and Sun or yellow just for some examples of colours that jump out at you. Mantis or black, Grape, Party or a dark fuchsia and Sky or light blue are other colour choices. Patterns are various ones by Warwick, which is a quality fabric brand here in Australia. Along with fabrics by Warwick, we offer marine-grade vinyl for your consideration. All of our fabrics and vinyl options are durable and long-wearing.

Numerous Styles From Which to Make Your Selection

While we offer the traditional roundish bean bag that has been around for years, our company also provides the following additional styles:

• Single-Seat and Two-Seater Daybeds
• Bean Chairs
• Two-Seater Bean Chairs
• Lounge Chairs
• Cloud Chairs
• Footstools
• King Cushions
• Drink Coolers
• Custom-Made Styles – These are made according to your own unique specifications and preferences. Cushions for platforms or lounge chairs fit into this category.

*Note: All our bean bags contain just the right quantity of beans to ensure that they hug your body comfortably.

Suggestions of Where to Place Bean Bags in Your Contemporary Home

In case you are having trouble picturing bean bags in your house, we provide you with the suggestions below:

• Bedrooms
• Playroom
• Home Theatre Room
• Living Room
• Den
• Dining Room or Other Eating Area
• Patio
• Verandah
• Pool Area
• Alfresco Area
• Study
• Library
• Deck
• Balcony

Consult with us or browse through our site to learn further facts about the beauty of bean bags in the interior design of contemporary homes. Our prices are listed clearly with our stock options, and we will issue you a personalised quote on any customised pieces that you require. Delivery is as prompt as possible. Elevate your home to an entirely new level of contemporary design with our help. Our company strives to stand out above our competition in every way.

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