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Soft Furnishings That Best Complement Your Alfresco Area

24 September 2018

Here in Australia, alfresco areas are important features for all types of properties from private residences to large commercial ones. While some may include kitchen areas, others will not be for cooking and enjoying food outdoors. One thing that any alfresco area should contain, though, is comfortable, durable furnishings for people to relax on as they admire the outdoor elements around them. To ensure that you receive the soft furnishings that best complement your alfresco area, turn to our company of Beyond Compare Furniture. We will customise each piece according to your unique specifications.

Examples of Our Soft Furnishings for Alfresco Areas

Our company offers a wide assortment of design options in soft furnishings for alfresco area, and we provide the following examples to help you visualise them:

• Built-in bench seating includes styles that are installed recessed into the walls or attached to the walls. You choose from single, double or larger benches depending upon how many people you need to accommodate in your alfresco area. Each bench has soft cushions.

• Bean bag furniture has evolved over the years and today, it is highly versatile and comes in durable fabrics or marine quality vinyl. The latter material is ideal for outdoor bean bag chairs, loungers, daybeds and other pieces. Also, their vibrant colours really pop out to enhance the area to perfection.

• Circular loungers and those of other shapes are ideal for stretching out in for a nap or cuddling with a special someone. These are ideal to enhance hotel and residential alfresco areas just for two examples.

• Chaise lounges also are available from us. We will design these with a hard base and cushioning of your choice of materials along with your colour preferences.

• Ottomans are another type of soft furnishing that we will design to match your other pieces to provide your alfresco area with continuity of design.

*Note: You can see photos of some of our creations by clicking here.*

All of Our Soft Furnishings Are Made to Your Specifications and Preferences

Since we custom make all of our soft furnishings, each piece that you order is created according to your specifications and preferences. We will work with you closely to design your piece or pieces to your liking before we make the contents of your order. Also, we guarantee all of our materials and workmanship to safeguard your interest.

To learn additional facts about our soft furnishings that best complement your alfresco area or other areas of your structure and/or property, schedule an initial consultation session. During this session, we can collect enough information to provide you with a quote for the pieces that you require us to make for you.

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