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Shop Online for Quality Designer Bean Bags and Bean Chairs: 100-Percent Australian Made

24 July 2018

Comfortable seating is a must whether you are furnishing a home, business or other type of structure or location. Nothing is more suitable for this than our quality designer bean bags and bean chairs here at Beyond Compare Furniture. We offer a wide assortment on our website to provide you with a convenient online shopping experience. All of our bean furniture items are 100-percent Australian made. Do not make the mistake of buying poorly made foreign ones when you can select our durable, attractive bean chairs and bean bags.

We Offer Different Shapes and Sizes of Bean Chairs and Bean Bags

To ensure that we serve as many clients as possible, we offer a variety of shapes and sizes of bean bags and bean chairs, including the following:

• Custom bean bags
• Two-seat bean chair
• Bean chair
• Single and double daybeds
• Lounge chair
• Cloud chair
• Drink cooler
• Footstool
• King cushion

Our Bean Bags and Bean Chairs Contain High-Quality Marine Vinyl or Fabrics

Another advantage that you will enjoy with our bean furniture is the fact that all come with high-quality marine vinyl or fabrics, both of which are resistant to mildew, mould, flame and stains. On top of all of this, the seams will hold up over time with daily use under normal conditions, whether adults or children are using our bean furniture.

You Will Support a Local Industry When You Purchase Our Products

Since all our quality designer bean bags and bead chairs are 100-percent Australian made, you will be supporting a local business by purchasing them from us, which helps to strengthen the local economy rather than supporting another country’s economy. Let us provide you with the level of merchandise that you deserve. Foreign imports that may look similar to our products are of inferior materials and contain less than favourable craftsmanship.

Each Bean Chair or Bag Comes in a Wide Variety of Colour and Possibly Patterns 

You also can complement your present décor in the ideal manner with our bean bags or chairs since each style comes in a wide assortment of colours and at times, patterns, depending on which style that you select to buy. Colours range from white to black with all types of shades in between.

To learn more about our quality designer bean bags or bean chairs that are 100-percent Australian made, browse through our website or contact us. Upon request, we will customise a bean bag for you if our other selections will not suit your need in the ideal manner, and we issue you a quote first to ensure that the price fits your budget.

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