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Reasons Why Bean Bags are Good for Your Back

20 January 2020

Bean bags are known to be a fun innovation in terms of upholstery. They are often seen as a bouncy way of getting comfortable. Most people are not aware that these bouncy chair alternatives have so much more to offer. In fact, they are claimed to be good for your back. Below are reasons why bean bags are good for your back.


One of the greatest things about high-quality bean bags is that they are extremely comfortable. It is as if they are made to accommodate the size of everyone from small children to larger adults. They can also be used as a chair to sit in front of a computer, or as a replacement for a sofa to lay in front of the television. The filling in your bean bag is supportive, yet still comfortable, so it is supple enough to conform to you and your body. This allows it to bend precisely to the shapes required for your height, weight, and whatever position in which you wish to sit. After a hard day’s work, the softness of a bean bag chair can be very relaxing – as no matter which way you move, your bean bag literally has your back.

Body Shape Adherence

A bean bag is malleable, so it will adapt to your body shape. This means no more leaning forward, straining your neck to see the computer, and no more imitating the shape of a couch to try and find a comfortable position to sit. Instead, your body parts are supported, and you can sit in comfort easily. This helps to reduce tension, pain, and ensure that none of your body parts are affected by undue stress.

Posture Improvement

Once you have found the bean bag for you, it is important to ensure you use it on a regular basis, and to make sure that you use it properly. For example, if using your bean bag in the workplace whilst on a computer, this may mean sitting in an upright position, without leaning forward and curving your spine all the time, as this can be an easy habit to fall back into.

Proper posture with the assistance of a large bean bag will reduce pressure and pain in your shoulders, lower spine, hips, gluteus muscles and your sciatic nerves. Although you may initially find the feeling of sitting upright uncomfortable, stick it out – you will get used to it and it will become comfortable, especially as you notice the pain in your back lessening.

Back Alignment

Bean bags support and provide alignment for your back. It is a little-known fact that most mainstream chairs sold today don’t actually properly support your spine. You can check whether yours is doing so by checking how you sit on them. If the bottom half of your spinal column is not pressing firmly against the chair whilst sitting down, then the chair isn’t supporting your lower spine. Bean bags, on the other hand, fully support your entire spinal column. This not only prevents back pain, but also teaches your muscles and joints how to align properly again whilst you’re sitting.

If you want to know more about the medical benefits of bean bags, give us a call at Beyond Compare Furniture.

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