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Office Furniture with a Difference

24 January 2018

When outfitting any type of office, one of your goals should be to create a unique atmosphere in it in order to stand out from other companies. One way to accomplish this is to install office furniture that is innovative and stylish in it. If you stay with the same boring chairs and other furniture, you will not create a memorable impression on all who enter your office.

Examples of Our Furniture

Consider the following furniture examples from our business, Beyond Compare Furniture, to learn what we mean by furniture with a difference for your office:

1. Custom Chairs and Lounges – We will design the size, style and shape of the chairs and/or lounges that will best suit your needs. You will have final say-so over all details.

2. Alfresco Area Furniture Pieces – Our company will deliver alfresco furniture seating that is ideal for outdoor areas as well as atriums and waiting rooms.

3. Bedroom Chairs – While these pieces are typically for bedrooms, they are ideal for upscale office waiting areas.

4. Bean Bag Chairs and Related Items – These come in fun, funky, bright colours and fabrics. All the materials are top quality to ensure durability.

5. Dining Chairs – The dining chairs that we create will be comfy in break rooms, conference rooms or to dress up the reception area. Instead of choosing stock from a different company that lack style and pizzazz, choose these to make a bold statement.

Types of Businesses That We Supply Furniture to Throughout the Year

If you are afraid that we do not serve your type of business with our furniture, you need to realise that we supply the following types of businesses each year:


  • All Types of Offices
  • Hotels
  • Builders
  • Bars
  • Retirement Homes
  • Interior Decorators
  • Schools
  • Private Residences

Our Complete List of Services

To fully understand how useful our company can be to you, refer to the following list of our services:

  • Soft Furnishings, such as the products above
  • Custom bean bags
  • Custom-made furniture
  • Onsite fit-outs
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Loose covers
  • Futuristic designs
  • Online free quotes
  • Free local pickup and delivery

Feel free to browse through our website or to contact us if you need further facts about our company or furniture. You can even see examples of our products in actual settings on our ‘Gallery’ page. We will be happy to meet with you to analyse your needs and preferences upon request. Our expert staff members listen intently to all of your ideas before making their recommendation of which way you should go with your choices.

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