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Modern Bean Bags: Unique Designs for Modern Homes

14 February 2019

Today’s modern homes call for furnishings that complement their innovative designs. While you can include the basic couches, chests, beds are other types of furnishings, you should add at least one, if not more, of the modern bean bags to your décor. If you are thinking of the bland, boring, original bean bags of years ago, you have not seen the latest creations in this type of furniture. Not only do they come in a wide assortment of styles, but you also have a choice of numerous colours and colour combinations when desired. Also, the coverings of these bags have improved durability over the original styles. Our company, Beyond Compare Furniture, offers a wide assortment of unique designs in bean bags for your consideration.

We Use Only the Best Marine Vinyl and Fabrics in Our Bean Bags

In our bean bags, you will find only the highest quality of marine vinyl and fabrics. As a result, they stand up to normal use far beyond the ones that contain cheap, non-durable fabrics and vinyl. Also, our bean bags are easy to clean and resistant to mould, mildew, flame and stains.

Our Designs Are Unique 

Instead of simple, basic designs, our bean bags come in a wide assortment of exciting ones. We offer double and single daybeds for relaxing or sleeping, two single chairs, a two-seater chair, footstools, cloud chairs, king cushions and even a drink cooler. You select the one that is right for you, and we will customise it to fit your décor preferences.

The Craftsmanship in Our Modern Bean Bags Is Impeccable

Each bean bag has durable seams, thanks to our superior workmanship. They will not pull apart with normal use. Even children can play on these without damaging them easily.

Beyond Compare Furniture Uses Australian-Made Zippers

Since we are here in Australia, we support our local economy by using only Australian-made zippers in our bean bags. These zippers are strong and stay closed securely to ensure that the beans do not fall out as you use your bean bags.

Bean Bags from Us Complement Your Modern Home Perfectly 

Regardless of the style or colour of bean bag that you purchase from us, it will complement your modern-style house in an ideal fashion. In fact, our bean bags enhance homes in a special, innovative way that strikes awe in all who see them.

Contact us directly or browse through our website to learn additional facts about our modern bean bags that are uniquely designed to complement modern homes. You also can schedule a meeting with us to place your order in person.

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