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Integrating Futuristic Furniture Styles and Even Comfortable Bean Bags Into “Smart” Buildings

05 March 2019

Since “smart” buildings are unique in design and the way of the future, you should install the right furniture designs in them to ensure a continuity of style. After all, rustic or traditional pieces do not broadcast a futuristic look in a “smart” structure. Instead of choosing these unsuitable styles, you should integrate futuristic furniture styles and even comfy bean bags from Beyond Compare Furniture into your “smart” building. We provide you with some examples of how to accomplish this in the following.

We Offer Custom-Made Soft Furnishings That Are of the Futuristic Style

Our Company offers unique designs of custom-made soft furnishings that fit into ‘smart’ buildings in the ideal fashion to complement their way-of-the-future attitude. You can choose from a wide assortment of design, highly durable materials and even accessories to enhance your custom furnishings. Examples of the pieces we provide for your consideration include:

  • Alfresco pieces are modern in design and will provide comfortable seating for outdoor areas
  • Bedroom chairs fit well at the end of beds but also can be used up against a wall in the living room or family room
  • Custom bed and bed heads are made to your specifications and preferences, and we can even add storage under the beds
  • Our custom chairs offer a modern, unique place to sit and read a book, or discuss business affairs, depending upon the purpose of your “smart” structure
  • Choose our custom lounges to accommodate more than one person
  • Dining chairs that are customised from us are totally futuristic in design and suitable for even the corporate board room in a “smart” building
  • We even will customise fabric bean bags for you in modern patterns and popular colours

Our Bean Bags Also Provide a Futuristic Look and Feel to Your “Smart” Building

On top of our custom soft furnishings, we offer a wide assortment of styles and colours of bean bags made with marine-grade vinyl. Your colour choices range from white or Frost to purple or Grape. This vinyl along with our other fabrics are resistant to flame, stain, mould and mildew and extremely durable. Our styles include the following:

• Bean chairs in two widths
• Daybeds in two widths
• Lounge chairs
• Cloud chairs
• King cushions
• Footstools
• Drink coolers

For further facts about how you can integrate futuristic furniture styles and even comfortable bean bag into your “smart” building, browse through our website or consult with us directly. Once you see our designs, we are sure that you will agree that they are indescribable in comparison to other styles available today. We will provide you with a quote of your entire needs upon request.

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