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Indoor or Outdoor Bean Bags: Perfect Addition for Hotels and Resorts

03 February 2020

Bean bags offer the ideal comfort whenever you want to just lounge and relax. You will notice that you can receive the optimum amount of Zen once you give in to the calming call of these innovative chairs. As such more and more hotels and resorts are utilising the calming power of these bean bags. Below are reasons why bean bags are a perfect addition for hotels and resorts both indoor and outdoor.

Bean Bags are Ideal Lounges for Lobbies

Both hotel and resort lobbies abide by one single rule – they should be inviting. That is why the furniture in these lobbies is specifically designed to give off an accommodating appeal not just for those who are checked in but also for their visitors waiting for them. No matter how big or small the hotel or resort is bean bags are the way to go. Bean bags have a certain appeal to them wherein you cannot help but just lounge in them because they are so comfortable. Aside from that, bean bags can utilise a space in the best way since you can cramp multiple ones without it appearing crowded. However, hotel and resort owners must always consider a design and style that will match the overall interior of the lobby.

Bean Bags are Customisable

Since bean bags are made of nothing but fabric and stuffing, hotel and resort owners can place their logo or brand artwork on the fabric. You can simply opt for a stain-resistant one wherein the branding will not come off as easily as others. You can have its colour matched to your preference.

Bean Bags are Kid-Friendly

Hotel and resort guests, especially the parents, often worry on where to let their children sit mainly out of concern for their safety. Bean bags are as soft as they appear so you can let the kids lounge and enjoy while you relax and watch them without fear of them falling out of a chair or bumping their head on hard surfaces. Plus, these bean bags can come in vibrant colours.

Bean Bags can be Deck Chairs

The major issue with traditional deck chairs or pool deck chairs is that they are heavy to move around and can be quite hard to rest on. You will not have this problem with bean bags. Since bean bags are much lighter, they can be stacked out of the way if space needs to be created. Unlike deck chairs, bean bags can have an in-built headrest, so you don’t need to worry about keeping separate accessories safe. If you are looking for a pool deck lounger but want to keep the option of a bean bag chair then you can opt for a recliner-styled one. Now you can relax and read a book by the pool with the utmost comfort possible.

Bean Bags can be Flame Retardant

Naturally, bean bags left outside might most likely get hot. However, a commercial grade fabric is available since it won’t crack in the sun and is ultraviolet (UV) resistant. This type of fabric is also mould and mildew resistant, waterproof and scratch resistant. Aside from that, they are also flame retardant.

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