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How to Take Good Care of Your Bean Bag Cushions and Furniture

09 October 2018

Now that you own your bean bag cushions and/or other pieces of this style of furniture, you need to know how to take proper care of all of it to ensure that it stays in optimal condition for as long as possible. After all, if you fail to do so, you will need to buy replacements far sooner than their expected lifespan is or your budget allows. To help you prevent issues from occurring, we provide you with the following guide on how to take good care of your bean bag furniture and cushions.

No Pillow Fights

Even though bean cushions a soft similar to pillows, never use them for pillow fights. This is not normal usage conditions and will cause your cushions to wear out sooner than they should. On top of brutalising their vinyl or fabric coverings, this activity also will place excessive pressure on the seams and zippers.

Be Careful with Sharp Objects around Bean Bag Cushions or Furniture

Sharp objects and bean bag furniture and cushions do not mix. Keys can even cause damage if sufficient pressure is applied. While you can get vinyl repair kits to remedy tears in vinyl coverings, cloth coverings are not as easy to repair. If a tear does occur, and it causes some of the beans to fall out, some tears are highly repairable as we said earlier, and you can get new beans to refill the cushions or other furniture pieces.

Clean Bean Bag Items with the Right Solutions and Methods for Their Covering Materials

Always use the right cleaning methods and solutions to remove spills or stains from your bean bag furniture and cushions. With vinyl items, you will usually only need to use hot water and a mild detergent to remove most substances or stains. However, with fabric bean bag items, you can remove the outer covers and dry clean or launder them, depending upon the care instructions for the particular fabric. Never use bleach on either type of the above bean bag coverings, though, since it can severely discolour the coverings.

Examine Seams and Zippers Periodically

Along with all the above care instructions, you need to examine the seams and zippers periodically on your bean bag furniture and cushions to ensure that they do not need any repairs. If there are any issues at all, address them immediately to keep a minor one from becoming a serious one.

For further care instructions for your bean bag cushions or furniture pieces, consult with Beyond Compare Furniture. We specialise in high-quality bean bag furniture and soft furnishings.

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