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How Can Bean Bags Become Beneficial in Early Childhood Development?

19 March 2019

Educators of young children must use kid-friendly approaches and tools to help them develop the right skills to proceed to the next level of their growth successfully. Some of age-appropriate items that are not only play toys but also can be teaching tools are the simple bean bags. They are colourful, soft and filled with beans that offer a bit of texture. Also, kids can grab onto and hold them easily for the various activities that your educational facility plans with them. Below, learn additional facts about how bean bags are beneficial in early childhood development.

Bean Bags Can Help Teach Kids Their Colours

Typically, bean bags are in different colours of red, yellow, blue, green and other shades. As a result, you can use these bags to teach the children their colours. Through repetitive use of these bags, and your assistance with identifying the various shades, the kids will learn which one is red, blue or whatever other colour the bags are quickly and in a fun way.

Kids Receive a Textural Experience by Handling Bean Bags

Since the kids can feel the beans through the bag’s fabric, they enjoy a textural experience for manipulating bean bags. Also, they can practice describing this experience to you, which hones their verbal skills.

Children Can Perfect Their Motor Skills with Bean Bag Games

By participating in bean bag games, such as the toss one, kids can efficiently develop their gross and fine motor skills along with their eye-hand coordination. Unlike balls that can be cumbersome to throw, depending upon their size and density, bean bags are lightweight and easy to throw.

Bean Bag Games Help the Kids Develop Listening Skills

All games have a set of rules that stipulate how to play them. As you explain these rules to the children, you help them learn how to listen. Learning to listen closely to directions is an important skill for all children to know.

Bean Bags Are Easy to Make in Art Class for a Creative Learning Experience

Help the children in your care develop their creativity by having them make their own bean bags in art class. While you can help sew the bags if necessary, let the children decorate and fill them with as many beans as they can before you assist them with closing up the last end. In addition, they can draw or paint designs on the fabric of their bean bags.

Add bean bags to your educational toolbox to help your children develop at the proper rate. The results will be easy to see as the kids enjoy various bean bag activities.

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