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Give Your Home an Exotic Flair With Unique, Animal-Print Furniture Lounges

12 June 2015

When you went on safari last year, it was the highlight of your life to be out there in the wilds of Africa. Would you now like to capture that same feeling in your home with various decor elements? Along with displaying the photos you captured on your trip, you can accomplish this type of exotic flair with unique, animal-print, furniture designs. This does not mean that you should fill up your entire house with this type of furniture. You only need a few strategically placed custom lounges or other pieces to obtain the safari feel and appearance in your home.

Why Custom Order an Animal-Print Lounge?

If you have a specific idea in mind for how you want your lounge to look, this is when you need to custom order it in your choice of animal-print fabric. You can personalize your furniture in a unique manner when you special order it built just for your home. On top of the hardwood/plywood construction, it will contain faux fur super suede to simulate animal hide.

Other Types of Furniture Available in Animal Prints

When a custom-ordered lounge is not for you, then you may want to consider buying at least one of the cheetah-print chairs. Chairs such as these scream comfort with their plush pillow backs and cushion arms and seat. Hardwood construction, Dacron cushions, faux fur, coil springs and cab legs are just some of its features.

Chaise lounges are another choice to enhance your home in animal prints. These allow you to stretch out and take a nap if you so desire. You can drift off to sleep and dream about being on that safari once again.

Do you want to add animal prints to your dining area? No problem, as a dining set is available where the chairs contain animal-print trim, and the table is a rich wood tone. Create a unique mood and setting with this selection. Add the right lighting and pictures on the wall, and you feel just like you are eating in a tent in the middle of Africa.

Where do you purchase animal-print furniture in Melbourne, Australia to add an exotic feel to your home? All of the pieces and more are available at Beyond Compare Furniture. We specialise in custom-made furniture, re-upholstery, soft furnishings, futuristic designs, loose covers, decorating services, and on-site fit-outs for commercial and domestic settings. In addition, we offer free online quotes, and local delivery and pickup services. Our owner, Joe Giardina has over 20 years of experience in designing and creating furniture. Call Joe today at 03 9469 2905 today to discover further information about the animal-print furniture or other items we offer. Every piece of furniture we sell is handmade.

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