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Futuristic Furniture Style: In Style and Custom Made by Beyond Compare

14 August 2018

When you desire to make a bold, modern statement with your interior design scheme, you should select futuristic furniture style pieces to help accomplish this goal. While you may think that this style is so out there that it cannot possibly appeal to you, the truth is that it happens to be aesthetically appealing, highly functional, comfortable and extremely modern. Also, furniture pieces in the futuristic style will endure for years without looking outdated. Here at Beyond Compare Furniture, we specialise in quality futuristic furniture designs, whether you select our bean bags or our custom options.

Types of Futuristic Pieces That We Offer

• Ready-made marine vinyl or fabric bean bags in single and double styles of chairs and daybeds along with ottomans and coolers
• Custom soft furnishings that include fabric bean bags, dining chairs, lounges, chairs, bed heads, beds, bedroom chairs and furniture for alfresco areas

Futuristic Furniture Style Pieces Are Suitable for a Wide Assortment of Settings

You can use futuristic furniture designs in many different types of situations, including:

• Homes in the family rooms, dining rooms, playrooms, bedrooms and more
• Offices for use by clients and/or employees
• Medical buildings from the reception areas to the waiting rooms
• Commercial developments
• Public and private swimming pools when you select our marine vinyl bean bags
• Spas to help clients relax
• Hotels, motels, resorts and other lodging establishments
• Alfresco areas

Benefits of Purchasing Our Futuristic Furniture Style Pieces

1. Our designs are indescribable and far from traditional. This is thanks to our talented owner, Joe Giardina, who learned his craft over 30 years ago through apprenticing at Prahran College of TAFE. Of course, he has perfected his skills substantially since then.

2. All of the furniture contains the finest quality of marine vinyl or fabrics to ensure that the pieces endure throughout the years in a durable fashion. These materials are resistant to mildew, mould, flame and stain. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain.

3. Our workmanship is superior in every way to our competition from our joinery to the seams in the upholstery.

4. You will be supporting a local industry and therefore, our country’s economy instead of that of a foreign country.

For further details about our futuristic furniture style pieces or our company, browse through our website or consult with our expert staff. Our company will provide you with a quote upon request of any customised options that you have an interest in ordering and prices for our selection of ready-made bean bags are on our site. We also include a guarantee to protect your investment with each of our products.

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