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FAQ: Are Bean Bags Worth the Money?

08 November 2018

If you are considering purchasing bean bags for your interior decor, you may also be wondering if they are worth the money. After all, you need them to last as long as possible to receive and adequate return on your investment. To help you decide if they are worth investing in, we provide you the following frequently asked questions about the ones that you can purchase from Beyond Compare Furniture.

Are Our Bean Bags Comfortable?

All of our bean bags are filled with just the right amount of beads for them to cuddle your body when you relax on them. You will never feel anything but comfortable sitting or reclining on our bean bag pieces.

Do Our Bean Bags Come in Different Sizes and Styles?

We offer a wide assortment of sizes and styles of bean bags, including customisable options. Also, you can choose from various colours of Marine vinyl and fabrics. Different patterns also are available in the fabrics.

Are Our Bean Bags Durable Enough for Use By Children?

Yes, our bean bags have extra strong seams and durable, Australian-made zippers. While you still need to teach your children to be respectful of all of your furniture, they can sit, relax and even play on our bean bags without the pieces falling apart prematurely.

Are Our Bean Bags Easy to Clean? 

We select the fabrics and marine vinyl carefully to ensure all of them are easy to clean. Use the fabric-approved cleaning methods on the fabrics and the marine vinyl only requires warm water and mild detergent.

Are the Marine Vinyl or Fabrics in Our Bean Bags Resistant to Stains, Mould and Other Issues?

On top of being easy to clean, the marine vinyl and fabrics that are in our bean bags are resistant to stains, mildew, mould and fire. This makes them highly functional in many areas of the house ranging from the kids’ rooms to your family room.

Will the Marine Vinyl and Fabrics in Our Bean Bags Fade With UV Exposure?

Our company also ensures that our bean bag fabrics and marine vinyl will resist fading with UV exposure. As a result, you can use our bean bags in outdoor areas of your property.

For further facts about why our bean bags are worth the money, consult with us at your earliest convenience. Also, you can view our extensive line of bean bag furniture here on our website. Remember that you also can customise a bean bag order to suit your specific needs and preferences. We believe in providing unique, quality pieces of furniture that stand out from the other brands today.

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