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Fabrics That Are Resistant to Staining, Flame, Mould and Mildew: Important Factors in Custom-Made Furniture

07 May 2018

While homeowners with simple tastes and expectations for their homes find stock furniture items adequate for their needs, you may be in search of furniture that offers the ‘WOW’ factor to your house. The best way to obtain this type of sofas, lounges, chairs or other furniture pieces is to turn to custom-made furniture. By opting for this choice, you can select all of the features of your furniture, such as the inclusions of fabrics that are resistant to flame, staining, mould and mildew. Each of these capabilities is equally important in the daily care and maintenance as well as the lifespan of your furniture.

Stain-Resistant Fabrics Clean Easily

When your custom-made furniture contains stain-resistant fabrics, it is easier to clean than if it is made with cheaper fabrics that easily stain. A feature such as this is highly important if you have children or need low-maintenance furniture pieces for other reasons.

Flame-Resistant Fabrics Are Slow to Catch Fire

Fabrics that are resistant to flame are slow to catch fire, and this makes the fabrics safer to have in your home, office or other type of building. Also, if you live in a fire prone area, this type of furniture fabric is a necessity to help prevent as much damage as possible.

Fabrics That Resist Mould and Mildew Retain Their Ideal Condition Even in Damp Climates

If furniture fabrics are prone to mould and mildew, your pieces that contain them could ruin easily in humid conditions. On the other hand, fabrics that resist mildew and mould, they retain their ideal condition even with exposure to dampness, and this includes their pleasant aromas instead of developing musty ones.

Fabrics Resistant to All of These Issues Endure Over Time in a Durable Manner

When you ensure that your custom furniture contains a fabric that is resistant to all of the above elements, it will be durable for years with normal daily use. Therefore, you will receive a high return on your initial investment. Custom-made pieces do cost a bit more than stock options do at first, but since they last longer, you will not have to replace them as often. This fact makes them the more affordable choice over the long term.

Turn to Beyond Compare Furniture to receive custom-made furniture that contains quality fabrics that are resistant to staining, flame, mould and mildew. We offer a wide assortment of customisation options with our soft furnishings. Whether you need fabric bean bags, bedroom chairs, alfresco furniture, bed heads or beds, chairs, lounges or dining chairs, we are the place to rely on for durable, attractive results.

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