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Exceptional Strength and Quality of Marine Vinyl Fabrics by Beyond Compare Furniture

12 June 2018

When search of furniture for use on your property, the first feature to look for after its physical characteristics is whether or not the fabric on it is highly durable to stand up to daily use. If you are smart, you will turn to a reputable dealer for any pieces that you need to ensure that you can locate sturdy, long-lasting furniture. Look no further than our company, Beyond Compare Furniture, for this type of source for your next furniture since we even offer marine vinyl fabrics that are high quality and exceptionally strong for use in many types of furniture pieces.

Benefits of Our Marine Vinyl Fabrics

1. Stain Resistant and Easy to Clean

Marine fabrics do not absorb liquid, so they resist stains better than other types of fabrics do for upholstery uses. Also, they clean easily with a cloth, warm water and mild detergent. Both of these benefits make furniture containing this type of fabric ideal for numerous settings, including family rooms, offices, pool areas and more.

2. Flame Resistant

Our marine vinyl fabrics also are flame resistant. Flame resistant in this case means that they are slow to catch on fire in comparison to other types of fabric. This makes them suitable for fire prone areas and also safer to have in a house with children.

3. Resistant to Mould and Mildew Growth

Another benefit of selecting furniture that contains our marine vinyl fabrics is the fact that they are resistant to mould and mildew growth. As a result, they are the anti-fungal and antibacterial choice. Ideal fabrics for furniture that will be in damp areas, such as around your pool for comfortable seating or in parts of the country that tend to be humid.

4. Fade Resistant

If you are worried about this type of vinyl fading with exposure to UV rays, put your mind to rest. It is fade resistant enough even for use in boats let alone our furniture pieces. Regardless of its colour and/or pattern, it will stay the same shade for years to come.

5. Our Marine Vinyl Fabrics Are Strong and Durable

On top of all of the above benefits, our marine vinyl fabrics are strong and durable. They stand up to repeated use without shredding, ripping or falling apart prematurely. In addition, they hold their seams in an efficient manner.

Contact or visit us at your earliest convenience to learn additional facts about the exceptional strength and quality of our Marine Vinyl Fabrics. While you are at it, also inquire about the various types of furniture that we have to offer to you. We also have samples of our products here on our website.

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