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Designer of Bliss Bean Bags for Your Comfort and Relaxation Beyond Expectations

04 December 2017

In this fast-paced world today, it is quite difficult to relax in your leisure time since you mull over the events of the day. One thing that helps to solve this issue is to lounge on comfortable seating. As your body releases its tension, your mind also will calm. Turn to Bliss bean bags for your comfort and relaxation beyond expectations. Beyond Compare Furniture owner Joe Giardina is the artist and designer of Bliss bean bags. So we do not just sell them, we design them.

The Benefits of Bliss Bean Bags

You will receive certain benefits when you choose to use Bliss bean bags such as:

• High-tech fabric that contains the latest innovations in vinyl fabric that allows the bean bags to be durable, easy to clean, long-lasting and soft on your skin along with being resistant to mould, mildew, fire and stains. The fabric is suitable for a variety of settings from marine ones to home interiors.
• On top of the high-tech qualities of the fabric’s basic construction, the colours are embedded into the outer layers rather than just painted onto it. The colour assortment ranges from vibrant to subdued shades.
• All of the seams are stitched with a 25-ply, UV-resistant, waterproof and highly resistant thread in a coordinating colour.
• You only need to wipe down the bean bags with warm water and possibly a mild detergent to clean them and preserve their attractive appearance.

Examples of the Bliss Styles That We Carry

Our company offers a variety of styles of the Bliss bean bags for your consideration, including such ones as:

• Two-Seater for when you want to share with your special someone or child
• Lounge Chairs are ideal for when you want to sit and read, watch TV or rest.
• Daybed or single bed is perfect for that power nap when you first come home from work, shopping or other activities.
• Double Bed allows you to share with another when necessary for a much needed rest.
• Ottomans to prop your feet up while you sit in one of the bean bag chairs
• Bean Chair is another version of a chair that is just a single-seater.
• Other styles

For further facts about the Bliss bean bag chairs for your comfort and relaxation beyond expectations that are available at our online store, browse through our website or contact us at your convenience. Our company is based here in Melbourne, Australia and we specialise in custom furniture for both domestic and commercial uses. In fact, we sell to homeowners, hotels, restaurants, bars, builders, offices, retirement communities, interior decorators and schools.

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