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Design Ideas for Bean Bags for Specific Applications

20 March 2020

Bean bags are naturally designed with the utmost comfort and relaxation in mind. After its invention in the 1960’s, they have become a fashionable, versatile, and affordable alternative to traditional furniture. However, their design components have drastically changed over the years. People have found a way to design bean bags in accordance to their purpose. Below are design ideas for bean bags for specific applications.

Design Basics

In order to custom fit a bean bag to the purpose it will better serve, there are certain specifications that must be addressed. These specifications are more commonly focused to the target market that the bean bag will be accommodating. These are size, dimension and colour theory. Since bean bags vary in size and shape, the size of the bean bag itself must be appropriately proportional to the person that will sit on the bean bag. Aside from that, you must also pick a bean bag with dimensions that are configured to how they are intended to be used. For instance, you can either choose an upright bean bag if you want to use it as work furniture  or you could go for a lounge bean bag if you want to sit on it to relax or lie down. In terms of colour, the wide array of choices got you covered for whatever matches your mood, decor, needs, and preferences.

Bean Bags for Orthopedic Problems

Australian Institute of Health of Welfare estimated that over three million Australian citizens suffer from orthopedic struggles – specifically back problems from a bad posture. Bean bags alone can significantly contribute to the improvement of such orthopedic conditions. They are considered as one of the most perfect pieces of furniture since they are not too hard or uncomfortable, yet not too soft and unsupported.

The filling in bean bags conforms to your body and supports it, instead of placing it in a crooked or unnatural position. This is especially convenient for people who work long hours in an office chair and experience back pain and headaches as a result. While your office might not replace this for you, the least you can do for yourself is have one at home.

Bean Bags for Utmost Relaxation

The benefits of relaxation in a bean bag can be excellent for your health. Stress can lead to tension, and problems like tight shoulders, headaches and mental health issues. A bean bag gives you a level of support and comfort that you will not get from traditional furniture. They offer full-body support, and you can gain ultimate relaxation. When relaxing in your bean bag, you don’t place any unnecessary pressure on body parts. Deep breathing will help clear your mind and loosen tension in your muscles.

Bean Bags for Pregnant Women

Women go through many changes whilst pregnant – but one of the most common is lack of comfort. As such, bean bags have become a recommended furniture for pregnancy. Bean bags can help ease back pain and stiff joints, as they support your shape whilst sitting on it. Similarly, if you are struggling to sleep, you may find that a bean bag assists with that issue. Elevated bean bags with a large surface area are best for pregnant women because they can accommodate alternating positions. They are also able to support lumbar on both sides with a core hole for the expected baby. These bean bags are also mobile and portable for indoor or outdoor settings. It is also hygienic in nature since it is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. These bean bags are also low-maintenance since they are easy to clean and are mould and mildew resistant.

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