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Daybed Bean Bags: What Makes Them Ideal to Use as Pool Lounges?

03 December 2018

Pools are such heavenly places to be during the warm weather here in Australia. In order to enjoy them to the fullest or to help others do the same, you must install the proper furnishings on the pool deck or surrounding area. One ideal example of this type of furnishings is the daybed bean bags from our company, Beyond Compare Furniture. After all, they are comfortable, UV resistant, well-built and more. We elaborate why we state that these daybeds make ideal pool lounges in the following.

Daybed Bean Bags Are Made with High-Quality Marine Vinyl or Fabrics

All of our daybed bean bags contain high-quality marine vinyl or fabrics. As a result, there exterior surfaces are resistant to stains, mildew, mould and flame. They also will endure exposure to UV rays effectively.

You Can Select from a Wide Assortment of Colours

Another benefit of our bean bag daybeds is that you can select from a wide assortment of colours that range from frost to grape in the marine vinyl along with different patterns of the fabrics. You can select the colours and/or patterns that best suit your décor style of your house or building depending upon the location of your particular pool.

Daybed Bean Bags Contain Just the Right Amount of Beans

We make certain that each of our bean bags contain just the right amount of beans to ensure that they are comfortable for lounging by the pool. They will conform to the user’s body to support them gently and securely.

Our Daybed Bean Bags Come in Two Different Styles

We offer you a choice between a single and double daybed. While the single model holds one adult, the double model allows couples to snuggle together or multiple kids to lounge on them at the same time.

Bean Bag Daybeds from Our Company Have Durable Seams and Zippers

The seams and zippers will not come apart through normal daily use of our daybed bean bags since both are high-quality and durable. No beans will leak out by accident for this reason. On top of all of this, the zippers are Australian-made.

For further information about why our daybed bean bags make ideal pool lounges, contact us when it is convenient. Also, feel free to browse through our website to see examples of these daybed the single one ishere while the double one ishere. You may also find that you are interested in some of our other pieces for your home, building or pool as you peruse each web page. When you purchase your furniture from our company, you will stand out since it is innovative and anything but traditional in nature.

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