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Custom Made Waterproof, Fade-resistant, and Durable Outdoor Cushions from Beyond Compare

28 April 2020

Enjoying your lovely porches, backyards, balconies or verandas has become the new normal. Now it is the best time to relax outside the home and be creative with your outdoor spaces. If you feel the need to revamp your patio furniture and cushions so that they infuse style and make inviting additions to your outdoor décor, there  the best fabrics for cushions to choose from so you can turn your outdoor areas into lovely retreats that will not demand much maintenance on your behalf. You can avail custom made, waterproof, fade resistant and durable outdoor cushions from Beyond Compare.

Outdoor Cushions Considerations

Before doing anything else, first consider whether the cushions will be exposed to the elements or not. They do not have to be under direct sunlight to get damaged. Patio cushions and furniture are still subjected to the rough Canadian climate, distinguished by extremes in hot and cold of the outdoors, as well as moisture and winds. With that in mind, we suggest a water-resistant or waterproof fabric for your outdoor cushions and furniture, regardless of its specific placement. That aside, it is best the fabric you select is also fade resistant. This will help prevent the sun and rain from damaging the cushions.

If you long for a reliable solution that will last for many years to come, we say go for designer fabrics, which are perfect for outdoor upholstery and drapery applications. However, there are literally 1000’s of outdoor fabrics to choose from if you want more options to help create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The more you understand about the types of fabrics suitable to the outdoors, the more your options will open up.

Best Fabrics to Use Outdoors for Outdoor Cushions


It is a strong fabric that has both commercial and industrial uses and comprises a good option to use and wear outside for the following reasons. First, it resists wrinkling, stretching, and abrasion. It is also lightweight and it dries very quickly. It is very easy to clean. It can be resistant to mildew. It is UV resistant.

The drawback with polyester is that it loses much of its strength after prolonged exposure to moisture and UV rays. You will find it in a rich plethora of colours to match your fabric but you can expect the colours to fade over time if under direct sunlight. That being said, it makes a good choice for outdoor cushions, boat covers, canvas covers, upholstery, awnings, sails, tarps, and tents.


Acrylic fabrics are a superb option for outdoor use mainly due to their durability, easy maintenance, breathability, mildew and fade resistance, and waterproof properties. They also withstand all sorts of weather, which makes them ideal for sail covers, marine interiors, cushion covers, drapes, fully upholstered pieces, and decorative pillows, among others.


Nylon and polyester have a lot of the same qualities. Nylon is one of the most versatile fabrics in the textile industry and an exceptionally strong fabric (compared to polyester, nylon has a high strength-to-size ratio). It is no wonder it has numerous indoor and outdoor uses. It also dries quickly and impresses with its high resistance to abrasion. The added elasticity makes it a superb option for upholstery applications while its high tensile strength makes it ideal for heavy fabrics used in home décor.

Overall, nylon is a bit softer than polyester, but equally easy to wash, and somewhat UV- and mildew-resistant. The fact that it does not have the UV resistance of polyester is the reason why many designers do not recommend nylon for outdoor applications unless you are using it on shaded items. However, it is a fabric that will not last as long as polyester outside, despite being a great general-purpose fabric with flexibility and stretch.

Knowing these things can help you decide which among the outdoor cushion choices you are willing to purchase for. If you want to have the best outdoor cushion in the market, contact us now at Beyond Compare Furniture. We can help you find the best cushion for your outdoor needs.


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