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Custom Bean Bags for Seating Comfort of Avid Video Gamers

03 September 2019

One goal that all avid video gamers have in common is the use of comfortable seating. They know that when their bodies are cushioned and supported in the right way that they can concentrate more intensely on their game playing without incurring aches and pains. While other seating is available for this purpose today, you should consider choosing one of the custom bean bags for your gaming. Do not order just any brand of these bean bags, though, or they may fail to hold up over time. Instead, turn to our company, Beyond Compare Furniture, for durable, quality ones.

We Offer a Wide Assortment of Styles

You can choose the right style of bean bag seating for your body and playing habits since we provide a wide variety of styles. Whether you like to sit straight, snuggle or recline to play, we have the style for you. We offer the following styles for your consideration:

• Bean chairs come in single and double models
• Daybeds are available in a single or a double version
• Lounge chairs are for those who like to sit in a traditional fashion
• Cloud chairs provide comfort to every part of the body
• King cushions offer a unique seating experience

Each Bean Bag Contains Durable Materials

All the custom bean bags from our company are made with durable marine vinyl or fabrics along with other resilient materials. Even the beans are long-lasting. As a result, you receive a high return on your investment to ensure many hours of comfortable video gaming.

Our Craftsmen Skilfully Stitch the Seams

You can sit on bean bags day after day with confidence that the seams will hold. Beyond Compare Furniture employs quality craftsmen who stitch the seams skilfully to ensure this fact.

Australian-made Zippers Are another Feature in Our Custom Bean Bags

Our Company also believes in supporting local suppliers whenever possible. This is why we use only Australian-made, durable zippers in our custom bean bags.

You Can Select from a Vast Array of Fabrics or Marine Vinyl

Another benefit for purchasing custom bean bags from our company is the fact that we offer a vast array of marine vinyl and fabrics from which to make your selection. Not only do we offer various patterns and colours in the fabrics, we also provide numerous colour choices for the marine vinyl.

Browse through our site or contact us to learn additional facts about our custom bean bags. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the final results when you order from our company.

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