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Creative and Cozy Floor Seating Options: Bean Bags or Custom Lounges?

01 May 2019

When in search of creative and cozy floor seating options, you have a variety of choices. The top two options are bean bags and custom lounges. Upon consideration of the benefits of both choices, you may decide that one is more ideal for your needs than the other one is. Bean bags are modern and comfortable, regardless of the style while custom lounges are built according to your exact preferences and specifications. Read on to learn how to determine which one is right for you.

Do You Need Seating That Is Low to the Floor?

If you have young kids, you may prefer that the creative and cozy seating that you purchase be low to the floor. After all, children of certain ages have trouble climbing up on chairs or lounges to sit down. When this is a concern for you, bean bags are the perfect solution.

Is Highly Washable a Must?

Another feature that is important when you have children is that the seating be highly washable. To fulfil this need, you will want your bean bags or custom lounges to come with marine vinyl instead of fabrics. Bean bags come in stock style in numerous colours of this vinyl. Also, you can request a unique custom lounge to contain it if you so desire. Of course, the latter also comes with fabric upholstery upon request.

Are You in Need of Elegant Seating?

Your house may be of such a style that you require seating that has a sense of elegance. With a custom lounge, you select the size, fabrics and other details that you need it to be for your purposes. You can make it as glamorous as necessary.

You Might Have Other Specific Preferences in Seating

Instead of elegant, low-to-the-ground or highly washable seating, you might want seating that has a funky, unique style and fabric. Custom lounges are perfect when this is your goal. Any type of colour, pattern or type of fabric is possible when you are personalising all elements of a lounge. Whether you want to recreate the 60s, theme the seating on nature or just wow everyone with how different it is, you can accomplish this goal with a customised lounge.

For further facts about how to receive creative and cozy floor seating options in the form of bean bags or custom lounges, contact our company, Beyond Compare Furniture. Our furniture has a distinctive style, regardless of whether you order a stock item or one of our customised creations. Also, all of our items are durable and attractive.

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