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Commercial Custom Furniture for Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants

09 July 2018

If customers of hotels, bars and restaurants are not comfortable, they will not make a return visit. As a result, owners of these establishments will realise a drop in revenue. Do not let this happen at your own establishment if you own or manage one of these businesses. One main way to ensure the comfort for your customers is to provide quality commercial custom furniture throughout your establishment for your customers to enjoy. You should only purchase this furniture from a reputable dealer, though, to ensure that it is highly functional, durable and attractive. To find this type of furniture source, you need not look further than our company, Beyond Compare Furniture.

Our Fabric and Design Options

We offer you the highest quality marine vinyl and fabrics to make your selection from for your custom pieces. All of our fabrics are resistant to mould, flame, stain, mildew and mould. Also, they are easy to clean and durable enough to stand up to everyday use. Let us not forget to inform you that our designs are cutting edge and customisable to your specifications and preferences.

Examples of Our Custom Soft Furnishings Offerings

1. Fabric Bean BagsĀ 

Fabric bean bags from us are like relaxing on a cloud since we fill them with just the right amount of beans. Your customers will be able to relax and even sleep if they so desire on these custom pieces. The fabric options for these chairs range from subdued to vibrant colours in intricate patterns that please the eye.

2. Soft Furnishings for Alfresco Areas

Our company offers some refreshing design options for your alfresco area that will enhance the experience of your outdoor amenities for your customers in a favourable fashion. Whether you provide an outdoor dining experience, patio, balcony or pool, you can include this type of furnishings to impress all who desire to enjoy the great outdoors while at your establishment.

3. Bedroom Pieces

You also can choose from our bedroom pieces that include beds, bed heads and chairs that are designed specifically to enhance bedrooms, but the chairs also are ideal for restaurant reception areas or for comfortable, unique seating in bars and even restaurants.

4. Custom Chairs and Lounges

Maybe our custom chairs and/or lounges will better suit your needs for your particular establishment. The lounges allow more than one person to use them while the chairs are for use by only one person.

5. Dining Chairs

Our dining chairs turn a plain dining area into a site to behold. Also, people can sit comfortably to enjoy their drinks and/or meals in an optimal way.

On top of the above selections, we also provide a extensive range of bean bag furniture for your consideration. Contact us for further information and/or a quote of our commercial custom furniture for hotels, bars and restaurants.

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