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Cloud Chairs from Beyond Compare Furniture: Built for Style and Laidback Lounging Pleasure

18 November 2019

Many businesses have been using bean bags to provide comfort to consumers. Even known companies have dedicated a portion of their office spaces for the placement of bean bags alongside other furniture. These make the bean bags one of the most fundamental pieces of furniture that one can get for their properties or businesses.

So, what makes bean bags special? As you know, bean bags are a fluffy type of furniture that can serve many purposes. Initially created for recreation, some industries have designed bean bags for household and office purposes. Bean bags have a lot of design variations. Some of them are made out of leather, suede, corduroy, or fake fur. The internal component of the bag which makes it comfortable and relaxing can contain dried beans, PVC pellets, expanded polystyrene, or expanded polypropylene.

If you want furniture for relaxation, then cloud chairs can help you achieve that laidback lounging pleasure. Cloud chairs are one of the variations of bean bags that are readily sold in Australia. Like other bean bags, these chairs are designed to satisfy all the people who wanted to relax and chill a little bit. Beyond Compare Furniture, a local bean bag manufacturer, offers cloud chairs that are perfect for your recreational space.

Build Material

People would want to relax every opportunity that they have. So, making the bean bags sturdy and long-lasting is the top priority of Beyond Compare Furniture. Their bean bags are made from marine vinyl or fabrics to endure daily repetitive use. These materials are durable and can withstand any amount of stress, pressure, and weight.

Long Life Span

Aside from durability, the materials used for cloud chairs make them resist stain, flame, mould, and mildew. This resistance to the mentioned elements helps the cloud chairs maintain their tiptop shape and quality right from the first day that they are acquired.

Colour Options

For customisation, Beyond Compare Furniture has a lot of colour options readily available for its cloud chairs. These colours can match almost all types of design elements of every establishments, offices, and households. You can choose from the following colours: frost, sand, toast, helm, dove, sky, indigo, party, troppo, chilli, citrus, mint, sun, mantis, and grape.

Made Locally

Unlike other bean bags manufacturer in Australia, the cloud chairs from Beyond Compare Furniture are made firsthand in Australia. The site of production is located here, which makes the process of manufacturing and distribution easier. Also, the quality and quantity of production consistently meet the demand of the local market.

Are you interested to try cloud chairs for a change? Contact Beyond Compare Furniture to know more about their available products and offerings. They can help you find the best type of bean bags and soft furnishings for your property.

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