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Child’s Play: Bedroom and Playroom Furniture

14 February 2018

Part of outfitting a child’s playroom or bedroom is ensuring that the furniture is durable as well as child-friendly. The chairs and other furniture items in these rooms must be able to take rough treatment while still providing a comfortable place for a child to sit or lie on to take a snooze on each day. In order to purchase the right pieces for your child’s use, you must deal with a reputable company. Beyond Compare Furniture is such a company, and we offer a wide assortment of suitable styles.

What Makes Our Furniture Suitable for a Child’s Playroom or Bedroom

Our furniture pieces are skillfully constructed and include the highest quality fabrics or marine vinyl. They are resistant to flame, mould, mildew and staining. Also, these fabrics will take the rough treatment that children can dish out without falling apart easily. This is why you should rely on us for your child’s furniture needs.

Examples of Our Furniture

  1. Our beanbags come in a wide assortment of colours and the following styles:
    • Two-Seater Bean Chair is ideal when more than one child uses the bedroom or playroom at the same time
    • Daybed is a comfy place to take an afternoon nap or to sit to read or watch TV
    • Bean Chair is a single-seat chair
    • Double Daybed allows two or more children to nap in the middle of the afternoon or even use for a bed at night
    • Lounge Chair is another style of single seat chair
    • Cloud Chair has a bit of texture in its material to offer a classy ambiance to the child’s playroom or bedroom
    • Drink Cooler keeps beverages at a cool temperature
    • Footstool bean bags complement our single-seat and double-seat chairs in the ideal fashion and provide children a place to rest their feet while they are relaxing
    • King Cushion is an uniquely shaped single-seat chair
  2. We also offer the following styles of soft furnishings:
    • Fabric Bean Bags
    • Alfresco Furniture
    • Bedroom Chairs
    • Custom Bed Heads and Beds
    • Custom Chairs
    • Custom Lounges
    • Dining Chairs

Note: The above styles are customisable to fit your needs.

Feel free to browse through our website to learn additional facts about why our furniture is ideal for your child’s playroom or bedroom. We provide onsite fitouts, custom beanbags, soft furnishings, futuristic designs, custom-made furniture and free online quotes along with free local pickup and delivery. Over the years, we have served many entities, including private homes, interior decorators, offices, builders, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools and retirement homes.

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