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Chaise Lounges Can Add Statement and Beauty To Your Home

27 July 2015

One of the best ways to come home after a long day is to sit down, relax and put your feet up on a chaise lounge. The chaise lounge or “fainting chair” is a captivating piece of furniture that accents any room of the house. They typically have the length of a loveseat to support the legs, but have the shape of an ottoman or overstuffed chair.

Not only is the chaise lounge a contrasting decorative feature that adds interest to your décor, but it is extremely comfortable. It is a definite “must have” for all decorating styles and ultimate relaxation.

Style and Panache

Although it is believed that the chaise lounge originated in Egypt, it will never go out of style. Actually, you can find many types of chaise lounges such as contemporary, duchesse brisée (French for duchess broken), a méridienne with a high head rest and a low foot rest, the récamier with two raised ends, the newer model Avalon that holds up in extreme weather and many more. The chaise lounge can also be specially designed to fit your interior or exterior decoration.

Choosing the Right Fabric for your Chaise Lounge

When choosing fabric for your chaise lounge you will discover that there are numerous options. This makes it easy to select the perfect fabric to complement your décor.

The first thing to consider is the placement. The location of your chaise lounge in plays a big factor on deciding what material to use. For instance, if your chaise lounge is going to be outdoors then you will need weather resistant fabric. But if it is positioned in a cubby area in the bedroom or living room, then the current décor will be your starting point. Try to select the same color or texture that is in the existing room. However, this does not always hold true, especially with a contemporary style. Sometimes decorators like to add a contrasting color or texture for a more modern look. Basically, when it comes to a contemporary style, the sky can be the limit.

A Variety of Selections

Fabric for a chaise lounge is unlimited. But typically, it is a good idea to get stain resistant material since a lot of time is spent on the chaise lounge. In truth, most people spend hours on a chaise lounge sleeping, resting, reading and eating. So if you plan on snacking a lot while you read and relax, then stain resistant leather or fabric covers are a good choice.

Another way to decide on a fabric for your chaise lounge is to visualize a “spa” atmosphere. Try to recreate an environment that will be your personal retreat. For incredible results, utilize color, fabric, texture and light to create a relaxing getaway. Calm, soothing colors and textures are the perfect scheme to set the mood for your private hideaway.

In staying with the overall style of a room, there are countless types of fabric to choose from. Chaise lounge fabric comes in many textures, patterns and colors so you can complete the look you are after. At Beyond Compare Furniture we can help you with ideas and with selecting the perfect fabric for your chaise lounge. We even specialize in re-upholstery.

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