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Custom Lounges for Outdoor Use: Why Materials and Quality Matters

12 May 2020

Different lounges can have a major impact on the mood of a space as well as its aesthetic appeal. It is not just individual furniture that impact the way we see a space, but also the combination of them. The type of material and its quality can create depth and add visual weight to even […]

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Custom Made Waterproof, Fade-resistant, and Durable Outdoor Cushions from Beyond Compare

28 April 2020

Enjoying your lovely porches, backyards, balconies or verandas has become the new normal. Now it is the best time to relax outside the home and be creative with your outdoor spaces. If you feel the need to revamp your patio furniture and cushions so that they infuse style and make inviting additions to your outdoor […]

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How to Maximise Your Space Using Bean Bags

07 April 2020

Utilising the space of your home in the best way possible is one of the first things to consider in setting up the furniture. You could have your eye on a really elegant home sofa but it will be rendered useless if it is too bulky or if you can’t fit it through the door. […]

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Design Ideas for Bean Bags for Specific Applications

20 March 2020

Bean bags are naturally designed with the utmost comfort and relaxation in mind. After its invention in the 1960’s, they have become a fashionable, versatile, and affordable alternative to traditional furniture. However, their design components have drastically changed over the years. People have found a way to design bean bags in accordance to their purpose. […]

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Therapeutic Applications and Benefits of Bean Bags

06 March 2020

Bean bags are not only considered as a fun and innovative furniture. In fact, they are proven to work very well for therapeutic reasons. Studies have shown that bean bags help people feel more relaxed and open to treatment for many medical conditions. Initially, bean bags offered a fun and colourful addition to doctor’s offices, […]

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