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Can Bean Bags Help Improve Productivity of Office Staff?

04 November 2019

For a long time, an employee would perceive a typical office space like this: a cramped workstation, a pantry, and meeting rooms. However, huge companies such as Google, Lego, and Hootsuite have installed numerous bean bags to their headquarters. These companies believe that their office staff can be more productive with the inclusion of this furniture. But can they really help improve productivity of office staff?

Majority of the studies about office bean bags concluded that they indeed help workers become productive. Aside from the usual workload, bean bags have impacted the way employees and even employers behave, interact, and work on their working hours. The following are the determined effects of bean bags to the productivity of office staff.

Enhances collaboration among colleagues

Collaboration usually happens on huge meeting rooms, where presentations can be presented in front of each other. However, the traditional setup of meeting with colleagues can be intimidating sometimes since there is some sense of superiority when it comes to who gets to speak the most. With bean bags, people are expected to sit close to each other on the same level. Bean bags can also lead to more fun and free flowing conversation among the office staff, compared to just presenting an agenda to the projector or laptop.

Sets up a comfortable office environment

Far from the office chairs coupled with small cubicles that most employees work on, a set of bean bags would help employees feel something refreshing. Bean bags can create a sense of freedom on to where employees would like to sit for their minds to start working. Creative ideas often come when a person is working freely and out of the box, which bean bags can help provide a working environment with. This can also lead to a more productive time, as opposed to employees longing to go home while sitting on their tiny cubicles.

Eases health related issues and concerns

And as the comfort of sitting on bean bags continues, these wonders can also help ease health related issues and concerns. Because of the comfort bean bags bring, they can prevent long term chronic issues like muscle pains and back pains. They can also correct your sitting posture, take the pressure from your spine and hips off, and lessen headaches. Even anxiety and stress can be lessened with the use of bean bags.

Gives office staff a sense of rest and break

While sitting on bean bags can already help office staff stimulate ideas and creative juices, it can also help employees recharge themselves just by sitting on the bean bags. A restless mind in front of a monitor and keyboard can sometimes overload. Even food cannot fill in the energy gaps needed by workers. Sometimes, all we have to do is to get some rest on which bean bags can readily supply. With bean bags, employees can stretch their legs, sleep, or just play around together with other colleagues.

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