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Beyond Compare’s Easy-to-Clean Furniture: No Hassle and Difficulties

27 February 2018

Many times, there are specific reasons to include highly cleanable furniture in your house. Whether it is for a child’s room, family room or an alfresco area, the chairs, lounges and even ottomans need to be stain resistant and easy to clean with soap and water or special cleaners. The secret to purchasing the right pieces to fit your needs is to deal with a respectable company that carries only quality products for your consideration. Beyond Compare’s furniture is easy to clean with little hassle or difficulty. Our company also offers a wide assortment of styles of this type of furniture. To learn additional facts, keep reading.

Our Easy-to-Clean Furniture Includes Quality Materials

We use the best quality of materials in our furniture, such as marine vinyl and fabrics along with Australia standard zippers. The materials are resistant to mould, mildew, flame and stains. Most are easy to wash with just soap and water while others may require an approved upholstery cleaning solution, but either way, you will find that all are low maintenance and durable.

Certain Styles Are Customisable

Our soft furnishings are all customisable to fit your preferences and exact specifications. We offer fabric bean bags, bedroom chairs, alfresco area pieces, dining chairs, bed heads and beds, chairs and lounges in these soft furnishings.

All of Our Furniture Is Australian-Made

Since we are Australian owned, we make all of our furniture here in this country from our location in Melbourne. As a result, you are supporting the local economy when you rely on us for your easy-to-clean furniture.

We Take Great Care in Creating Our Furniture

Another reason to purchase furniture from us is the fact that we take great care with our workmanship in creating each piece. Due to this workmanship and our quality materials, our furniture lasts for years and gives you an excellent return on your investment.

Pieces Come in a Wide Assortment of Colours

With our vast array of material colours and at times, patterns, you will have no trouble selecting the right material to complement your home’s décor. Our designers will guide you to the correct colours for your needs and preferences.

For further details about our company and easy-to-clean furniture, contact us directly at your convenience or browse through our site. There even is a ‘Gallery’ page on our site where you can view some of our actual creations. We offer free shipping to anywhere within Australia. Our company strives to ship all orders in about 7 days and will contact you if there is a delay for any reason.

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