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Beyond Compare: Reinventing Modern Offices Using Custom Bean Bags

02 July 2019

Modern offices are going through a transformation today to make them suit the new generation of business people and employees in an updated, comfortable fashion. The inclusion of custom bean bags for seating is part of this effort since they provide numerous benefits beyond their stylish appearance. After all, this type of seating gently hugs and supports the body, which eliminates the fatigue and aches that come with using other types of seating during the workday. Explore all the places where you can use these customised bean bag furnishings in your office in the following details.

Waiting Areas for Clients

Personalised bean bags not only create a fun and attractive waiting area for clients, but they also provide the ultimate in comfortable seating. As a result, they will not mind waiting their turn for important meetings. This will ensure a more positive attitude in the meeting in comparison to them sitting on hard, uncomfortable chairs.

Collaboration Work Areas

Employees will enjoy lounging about on bean bags as they collaborate with each other on projects using their tablets or smartphones instead of being restricted to a desk all day. Their morale will soar to an all-time high. When employees like their work environment, they are more productive than if they are uncomfortable in it.

Custom Bean Bags Come in Chair Shapes Suitable for Desk or Table Seating

You can also place customised bean bag chairs at tables or desks in place of traditional office chairs. They are suitable for conference rooms, general work areas, private offices, and the breakroom areas. At one time, this was not possible since bean bags came only in round shapes suitable for low-to-the-floor seating, but it has all changed now. Current models of bean bag furniture include even dining-shaped chairs.

Choose the Colours of Bean Bags That Enhance Your Office Décor in an Ideal Fashion

There are no set rules on how to choose the right bean bags for your purposes, but the colours and/or patterns of them should complement the rest of your décor without clashing with it. You have a vast assortment of colours and patterns from which to select.

Turn to Our Company for Custom Bean Bags

Beyond Compare is helping offices reinvent their looks by offering a wide assortment of customised bean bag styles and sizes along with material, colour and pattern options. Our bean bag options are made with quality, durable materials and workmanship to ensure that they stand up to everyday use and are easy to clean and maintain. They will last you for years and provide you with a high return on your investment.

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