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Beyond Compare Furniture: Why Fabric Texture and Quality Matter

10 April 2018

When you select upholstered furniture for your home or other type of building, you need to pay close attention to the quality and texture of its fabric. Both characteristics play a major role in the comfort, attractiveness and durability of this furniture. Poorly made fabrics lead to the furniture not lasting as long as it should and certain textures may be uncomfortable against your skin. Learn further information below about why fabric texture and quality matters.

The Texture of Fabric Adds Depth to the Overall Design of the Furniture

When the upholstery fabric has a certain type of texture, it adds depth to the furniture design. Whether it has ridges such as corduroy, brocade or other type of texture, all lend depth and dimension to sofas, lounges, bean bags or other furniture pieces. Smooth fabric textures also add their own kind of design depth to furniture that also is unique.

Quality Fabric Stands up Under Daily Use in an Optimal Fashion

One way that the quality of the fabric matters to furniture is that is helps it stand up to daily use without falling apart prematurely. Quality fabric also holds up well at the seams as well as in the middle of the cushion or back padding. These benefits are important whether your furniture is for a business, home or other type of building.

Fabrics of High Quality Are Mildew and Mould Resistant

You also will receive furniture upholstery that is mildew and mould resistant when you select pieces that contain high-quality fabrics. If you live around the coastal areas of Australia, you will find this quite beneficial. Of course, these areas are not the only humid locations in this country.

Durable Fabrics Are Resistant to Flame and Staining

On top of the other reasons that fabric quality matters, it helps the fabrics be resistant to staining and flame. They will burn slowly rather than ignite quickly, which makes them safer to have in a fire-prone area, and they will clean easily and resist staining and this makes them ideal for a family of kids or busy commercial or public building.

Fabric Texture and Quality Influence Comfort

Let us not forget to mention that both the texture and the quality influence the comfort level of the furniture. The fabric should have a bit a give to it for the furniture pieces not to feel hard when you sit on them and the texture should not be scratchy to the skin.

For additional reasons why fabric texture and quality matter in furniture, contact Beyond Compare Furniture. We provide highly attractive, durable bean bag furniture and custom soft furnishings to domestic and commercial buildings.

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