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Bean Bags for Childcare and Day Care Centres: Why Kids Love Them!

16 January 2019

Childcare and day care centres across this country must design their facilities to be comfortable and safe for the kids who attend them each week. Bean bags are excellent additions to the furnishings to accomplish both of these goals. They are not only soft, but they also are easy to move and to keep sanitary day after day. For these reasons, the staff members of these centres love them. However, we are not here to discuss their preferences. We want to share with you the following reasons why kids love bean bags.

Kids Love the Various Colours of Bean Bags

The colours of bean bags come in a wide assortment. Childcare and day care centres can select from vivid colours such as citrus or orange, chili or red and mint or green just for three examples. Plenty of other shades also are available. Kids are drawn to the brilliant colours, which is just one reason that they love this type of furniture.

Bean Bags Are Easy for Kids to Access

Many of the bean bags are low to the ground, and this makes them easy for kids to access for sitting or napping. In comparison, traditional furniture is often high enough off the floor that the kids struggle to climb up on them, especially when they are toddlers.
Their Own

The Bean Bags Are Lightweight Enough for the Kids to Move

Another reason that kids love bean bags is the fact that they are easy to move around the room. Instead of sitting across the room from the rest of the kids, they simply carry the bean bags close to them to join in the fun. It takes very little effort for them to accomplish this task.

Bean Bags Are Super Comfortable

An additional reason that kids enjoy bean bags is the level of comfort that they provide. They cuddle around the kids’ bodies in an ideal fashion to support their legs, necks, backs, heads and other body parts softly but securely. Children compare the experience to what they imagine sitting on a cloud would be if they could do it for real. We stand in awe of their imaginations.

If you are in charge of purchasing the furnishings for your childcare or day care centre, turn to Beyond Compare Furniture to receive quality bean bags. We offer a vast assortment of stock ones and will also customise bean bags to suit your exact specifications and preferences. Our company promises durable, attractive results, regardless of your choice.

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