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Bean Bags and Soft Furnishings Supplier for Interior Decorators and Designers

29 January 2019

Regardless of the type of structure that you are furnishing as an interior decorator or designer, you will want to outfit it with comfortable furniture. Bean bags and other soft furnishings are the ideal way to accomplish this goal. Not only do they come in multiple colours, but you also can customise some of them to suit your specific preferences and needs. Rule number for purchasing any of these items is to deal with only a reputable, quality supplier who cares about providing you the type of products that will satisfy your clients. You will not need to search too far for this type of supplier, though, since our company of Beyond Compare Furniture fits this description. We provide you with all the reasons to rely upon us for your soft furnishings and bean bags in the following.

Our Designs Are Unique and Indescribable

Thanks to our founder and owner, Joe Giardina, who has over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry, our designs are unique and indescribable. While they are not traditional at all, you cannot consider them modern or contemporary either. They are a style all of their own.

We Use Only High-Quality Marine Vinyl and Fabrics 

Another reason to turn to us for your furnishing needs for your projects is the fact that we use only durable marine vinyl and fabrics that hold up to daily use in an ideal manner for all types of situations from a single-family residence to a large corporate complex.

Free Delivery Option for Our Bean Bag Products

Not only can you choose from a wide assortment of styles and colours with our bean bags products, but we also offer free delivery on these products. This lowers your cost and helps you provide bargain pricing to your clients on any of the bean bags. Free delivery is available just on the bean bags and not on our soft furnishings.

You Can Customise Our Soft Furnishings to Suit Your Unique Needs and Preferences

We offer customization for all of our soft furnishings that vary from bedroom chairs to alfresco area pieces. You can consult with your clients on their fabric, colour and style options before placing an order with our company. Since each piece of our soft furnishings is made on demand to unique specifications, your clients will never see an exact duplicate in any place that they visit.

For further details about why we are the bean bags and soft furnishings supplier for interior decorators and designers that you should turn to, browse through our website or contact us directly. Our clients’ satisfaction is always our main goal.

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