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Bean Bags: A Therapeutic Solution for the Elderly

21 February 2019

While bean bag furniture pieces are thought to be just fun furnishings for kids to plop on, they actually can be a therapeutic solution for the elderly today. The older people become, the more difficult it can be to sleep for a variety of reasons, and this is one area where bean bag furnishings can help. Also, the elderly have many more aches, pains and health issues, such as arthritis, that can make even sitting uncomfortable. Bean bags in different styles can allow the elderly to relax a bit easier because of their construction. Read on to learn additional information about why this type of furniture is therapeutic for the elderly.

Bean Bags Help the Elderly Sleep More Soundly

Since bean bags are made to be supremely comfortable, they can help the elderly sleep a bit more soundly than they would on a traditional mattress. You can even install bean bag cushions on platforms to provide ease of access to an elderly individual that may have trouble getting in and out of low furniture.

Bean Bag Chairs Promote Proper Posture

Poor posture can cause numerous problems in the elderly from curved spines to difficulty breathing. Through their very nature, bean bag chairs encourage proper posture. It is easy for the elderly to sit in the correct positions in these chairs to help the health and well-being of their bodies.

Bean Bag Furniture Gently Hugs Sore Bodies

Another way that bean bags can be therapeutic to the elderly is the fact that they gently hug the sore aging body. When an individual lies down or sits down on bean bag furniture, the beans allow the chairs, beds or other pieces to support every part of the body that comes into contact with this type of furniture.

Bean Bag Furnishings Can Help with Post-Surgical Recovery

On top of all of the above, bean bag furniture can help with post-surgical recovery. For example, if an elderly person has had foot surgery and needs a gentle, comfortable support for his or her foot when he or she is sitting, a bean bag ottoman is the answer.

Bean Bags Are Highly Portable

Due to the fact that bean bag furnishings are extremely portable, they are ideal for any part of a house or building where the elderly person needs to enjoy their therapeutic benefits. Examples of the places where bean bags are useful include bedrooms, family rooms, alfresco areas, living rooms and even dining rooms.

For additional reasons why bean bags can be a therapeutic solution for the elderly, turn to Beyond Compare Furniture. We specialise in manufacturing high-quality, comfortable, durable bean bag furnishings in a variety of styles, colours and even patterns.

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