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A Guide to Using Bean Bags in Academic Institutions

21 February 2020

Bean bags are now used in academic institutions as a fixture and aid in learning activities. However, such usage isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. In fact, some experts suggest that certain types of bean bags can be toxic and harmful to children. Below is a guide to using bean bags in academic institutions.

Safety Checklist

Safety is the utmost priority at any given endeavour and such must be observed at all times. It is necessary to inspect the bean bags that will be used in academic institutions to ensure that it has no harmful effects to children, students and staff. Best to be aware if the bean bags are in compliance to local regulations and safety measures, as well as equipped with safety lock features. Aside from that, you have to avail of bean bags that are hypo-allergenic.

Appropriate Usage

If you decide on choosing bean bags for your academic institution, then naturally it will be considered as a fixture in your facilities. This means that they must be functional and appropriate for the area you choose to place them. For instance, if you decide on equipping one in a school library, you must avail of a bean bag that maximises productivity without limiting comfort. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely stop the sound of beans shuffling in a bean bag, although having a thicker walled bean bag will reduce the sound a lot. A “solid” fabric like leather or vinyl provides greater sound deadening and prevents the rustling of beans from one side of the room to another. Back support is also important for library bean bags as children will be sitting for extended periods of time. For this reason it’s important to choose a design which supports posture.

Productivity-Inducing Designs

Studies suggest that painting walls and creating colourful fixed structures is one way to induce productivity in academic institutions. Bean bags suit bright colours extremely well which means they can be a perfect fit for any class setting. In particular, red, blue and orange have a positive effect in learning since red promotes alertness and encourages creativity, sky blue keeps student calm and promotes a sense of well being and orange helps students with their memory work and critical thinking.

Durable and Low Maintenance Options

Like any product in life, you want them to last forever without having to worry about maintenance. Unfortunately, when children and teenagers have their own space it might not be kept as clean and tidy as we wish. The benefit of using marine grade vinyl is how well it holds up to stains from either food or ink for example. Bean bags with high-quality fabric are washable with a little bit of warm soapy water. However, when you encounter a really tough stain, such as black ink left to bake in 35 degree sun light then water won’t be enough. However even in such a circumstance, harsh chemicals are not recommended. You can use eucalyptus oil instead since they can remove tough stains from vinyl.

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